Thursday, May 26, 2011

Food vendors + the Village Voice

First off: We're listed in the Village Voice's events page. Woo!

Secondly: Besides Pete's tasty options for sale (and they are good--believe you me), there will also be two food vendors! Stephanie will be selling made-from-scratch cookies that are "throw down" (as Andria puts it), and the Guerilla Guac will be selling guacamole and tortilla bowls. "Guerrilla Guac was born in the streets of San Francisco and serves up fresh guac, made-to-order."

Looking forward to Saturday, guys!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Pete's rad cocktails and Microcosm

Pete's has added some cool springtime cocktails to their menu! I am looking forward to sipping the Garden Martini or London Calling. Pete's has an big outdoor patio as well as indoor space, plus a separate closed off live music room. So, you can spend half your time indoors and half outdoors if you like, zine tables are at both. You can see their drinks, space layout and upcoming events at

Also! Microcosm Publishing will be present for all of your Microcosm publishing needs.